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I can see that now we can use Fibaro HC to control Arylic multiroom system. That’s pretty cool but most of people don’t have a real domotical installation and use a simple “Home connect app”
What about GoogleHome/ Vocal Assistant - Apple HomeKit/Siri - Amazon SmartHome/Alexa ?
Is there a plan for the future to integrate this ?


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hi Rene, Those features you listed require higher performance CPU, we already work on it .
We will launch some higher models with alexa,siri integration and airplay2 .

This is actually very exciting to see as I have been prototyping speaker designs that incorporate a lighting fixture within the design.

My current model uses a lutron wall dimmer which is great since my house is setup on lutron. But I would like to be able to control the speaker and lighting element from a single app. This is where I think fibaro would integrate well with my design. Do you have any more integrations in the works with fibaro? I find Arylic products to be simply amazing and and I am in the process of a audio design startup which will utilize some of your products in the designs. Fibaro doesn’t seem to be easily available in the United States and only through ADI which generally caters more to installers than consumers so I am curious how they are going to gain popularity in the U.S. market?

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Any idea when you plan to release an Amp with Airplay2 ? I have been waiting for it for over a year. In fact a 4-6 zone amp with Airplay2 support would sell like hot cakes.

@Jiang_Ryan - Thanks for your comments here!

I picked two things out of it:

  1. Rakoit/Arylic is working on voice command support.
  2. Airplay 2 is going to be supported.

My questions
Voice command:
a) Will Google Voice command also be supported?
b) Will this also be implemented on the Up2Stream Mini v3 and S10? (by firmware upgrade)
c) When will this become available?

Airplay 2
a) When will Airplay be a available?
b) Will it be possible to support Airplay 2 on current Up2Stream Mini v3 and S10 (by firmware upgrade)?

These features can’t be included in current hardware, it’s just not so powerful to meet amazon/google requirement.
Regarding airplay2, we have made a prototype board, and still working on it, almost ready. Still need some time to bring to market.

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@zpl1025 - Thnx Frank for clarifying. I understand the hardwar adjustments to support this functionality.

I am looking for a long time to create Google voice command support with the Up2Stream Mini. Will there be a new Up2Stream Mini (v4) that supports Google voice command?