GO CONTROL APP Update 1.2.8 (07.13.2023)

Hello everyone, we have released a new feature of the Go Control App.

The New features of GO CONTROL APP version 1.2.5, before you update, make sure you update to the new firmware version 52-452f344c.

iOS devices please download app in Apple’s APP store.

Android phones search for App downloads in Google Chrome.

New Features:

  1. Custom EQ

Adding custom EQ allows you to adjust audio parameters and choose EQ effects according to your preferences. You can create multiple custom EQ presets and select them from the equalizer list.

  1. Playlist from U disk

Now you can see the songs from the playlists of your U disk.

  1. Custom Theme

Now you can customize the background color and theme color of the app, including options for light and dark modes, as well as the ability to create your own custom themes.

4.Improve the feedback system

Send the feedback directly from APP to help us improve your experience.

5.Name your Bluetooth Devices

Now you can name your Bluetooth devices with emoji.

6.Add MM/MC Mode Switch Under Phono Input

A new feature has been added in Phono mode, allowing you to choose between MM (Moving Magnet) and MC (Moving Coil) modes to achieve different levels of gain.

7.HDMI ARC standby mode

In the settings, a new option has been added for HDMI mode, which enables the power button to be synchronized with the TV’s power-off button. (Note: If you prefer not to synchronize the power button with the TV’s power-off button, you can adjust the setting accordingly.)

8.Volume Step

Now you can adjust the volume step. For instance, when you click the ‘+’ button, the volume step can be increased to 5 or a higher value. This means that when you adjust the volume knob, the volume will increase or decrease in increments of 5.

9.Firmware Navigation By clicking on the firmware version, you can download the latest version and find instructions for upgrading on the Arylic forum.

10.Firmware Navigation

By clicking on the firmware version, you can download the latest version and find instructions for upgrading on the Arylic forum.

11、New multi-language:

The new multi-language is Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/English/Russian/German/Japanese/Thai/Korean. The phone language will automatically switch to which language.


It’s great.

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Nice looking App!

  1. Does ‘Go Control App’ only support the Arylic B50, or also other Arylic devices (including the DIY products)?
  2. Is the ‘Go Control App’ going to replace the ‘4Stream App’ in the future?

1, the ‘Go Control App’ could work with some of other Arylic devices (mainly new produced Up2Stream series, Up2Stream V3/V4)
2, It won’t replace with 4STREAM, as it has no music source yet, just a controller actually. Could develop features like now playing, Arylic Radio features for the WIFI based products.

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The GO CONTROL App is a nice tool to adjust your sound to your room etc. However, the last Update added those 50Hz steps in the Subwoofer crossover section. It seems to be impossible to choose a frequency in between those steps now. Is there a way to get rid of this, for instance entering a number from 50 to 300?
I often have connection problems from the app to the B50. I have installed two B50s in the same room, might this be the problem? And even more, when I activate the subwoofer crossover frequency on one B50, it appears to apply the same changes to the second. Although not being connected to it.

thanks for your feedback, we’ll look into this.

And will remove the steps when adjusting frequency, before just think user can’t hear the difference clearly :slight_smile:

Tried this with several S10 and up2stream boards and works for eq and sound settings. Obviously not all app controls are mirrored. Excellent compliment app to the 4stream for rounding out the capability for configuration of sound. I have an up2stream pro inside the case of a Schiit Sys and the app is great for tweaking the sound without going up close to the box with the remote.

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