Gave up on Amazon Music

Yesterday I finally gave Amazon Music the boot. I have tried multiple times to get it to work with my S50+ but it functions so poorly it wasn’t reliable at all.

I have since subscribed to Spotify and it’s a world of difference. The interface is simple and efficient. Once everything is set up you don’t need to open Playstream or 4Stream. Everything is acceptable in the Spotify app. The flexibility to send the media to your phone, smart speaker and of course, the Acrylic S50 is simple.

Here’s the lesson:

  • I subscribe to YouTube premium to avoid the adds and they include YouTube Music but it is not an option for Arylic

  • I subscribe to Amazon Prime for faster free shipping and they offer free music but it’s not truely compatible with Arylic

  • I now subscribe to Spotify and it’s spot-on.

I have 3 Arylic devices (HD, pro,Mini) being used with Amazon music for over a year with absolutely no problem. Must be something else going on with your setup.

Best Wishes

Glad you have it all worked out. There are a few of us who cannot get it to run properly, not without trying I might add… but any suggestions would be welcome,

Sorry I can’t help, it just worked straight out the box with Amazon Music (once you’ve signed in ). Bought the HD in the hope of Amazon HD being activated, still waiting.

So do you have unlimited?

I’m just using the complimentary Prime Music offering. This is the one you get when you sign up with Amazon Prime

Yes, I’ve Amazon Unlimited. So maybe it’s the free version that has issues.

Or a Canadian thing? As I’ve posted on other threads, my availability on the 4STREAM, Playstream and WIIM aps all result in the same, very limited results. Whereas the Amazon Music app or Windows app, or browser use results in many more titles.

I have same problem with French subscription Prime Mussic, don’t work or work with strange