Flat EQ unless I cycle inputs

Can’t seem to find a specific forum area for this:

Quick and easy question, and I’m losing patience with Arylic’s hardware…

I have the following basic setup

TV headphone output - Arylic A50 - AUX in - q-acousitc speakers.

On use the speakers are fine, but on cold booting the TV (and/or the Arylic) the EQ flattens (audibly) DBass and Treble adjustments on the remote are inoperative, volume and mute are fine. I have to cycle to another input then back for the bass/treble/DBass (on remote , and app) inputs to make any difference. I’m about to bin this thing, I can’t understand why this would make any difference. I did notice it appears to be switching to mono when not working correctly, as a YouTube check shows the speakers are only stereo after I cycle inputs. What a palaver… :crazy_face: