Flashing green LED on S10

I have a couple of S10s, one linked to a hifi amp and another to my TV. I have noticed that both of them have independently suddenly started to become occasionally unresponsive when turning on via the remote (they are usually set on the Aux input). Both display a flashing green LED and will not respond to the remote. They will then function normally (until the next time) if I pull and reconnect the USB power connector. As they are in the same room I am controlling them with the same remote. I have searched everywhere, but cannot find any information on what causes a flashing green LED. Is it something to do with faulty remote controller pairing?

Anyone have any ideas?

Hi, welcome to Arylic forum.

The slow flashing LED means no input detected. And the detection is actually a hardware short to GND when the AUX plugged… so if you did not plug out the cable, it should be fine.

And another possible reason is the device is rebooting in period. So, it light green when booting up, and then off when reboot for some reason. This might be the case, but I can’t guess what’s going on, maybe you could check the power wire or adapter.

Thanks for the reply.

It’s actually a fast flashing green light on both of my S10s. They will switch on with a steady green light for a few seconds, then will start rapidly flashing. There is then no response to the remote and the only way to stop the flashing and get the device to work again is to pull out the power cable.

I have had both S10s for about a year and they have only just started doing this in the last month. I haven’t changed any settings nor have I noticed any issues with the wifi or bluetooth mode. It seems odd that two devices in the same room have suddenly developed the same fault!

Hi, this is not expected for sure. I suspect the power, could check it more. Or could try to reset factory when it’s working.