First Project with Up2Stream amp v4 with ESP32 ( UART )

Hello all !

I recently bought Up2Stream amp v4 and I was thinking about making something special.

I restored a very old Radio ( Philips Gemma ) And I had to make a screen to show informations , I was helped by the forum and used the UART documentation .

Basically it’s working but the serial communication is slow, it’s not really helping me improving my code, maybe I’m missing something…

Also the serial writing is not always working, sometimes I have response, sometimes nothing happened.

For hardware, I’m using an LCD 4x20 with ESP32 ( Node MCU ) with Arduino Bootloader .

I was thinking that maybe I have to update my firmware to the latest version, maybe there’s some improvements on Serial communication ?

Here’s some pics and a video of my first project.

Any help and suggestion would me much appreciated !

PS : Sorry for the mess ! Here in my country it is very hard to find electronic parts and shipping takes too much time, so I had to find some alternatives :sweat_smile:


How did you sniff / decode the data from the Arylic board to the LCD? Did you have to manually decode the protocol? Or is Arylic just using some easy to intercept, plain text commands between LCD and host?

I am definitely interested in what you did here. Would love to add some small LCDs to my projects.

Hi !

Basically, I used the RX / TX pins on the Arylic board linked to TX/RX pins on ESP32.

The Arylic board send data on serial that you will able to read on the microcontroller and show received data on the LCD on I2C protocol, also you can send data from the microcontroller to Arylic for requesting some information like album, title, connection mode, state … etc.

That’s it, I will try to host the source code on Github and share the link.

You will find the commands that I got from another topic, attached.

Feel free to ask if you need anything.

Thanks !




Getting something(s) out of the MCU via serial to an ESP32 (or alike) is also my goal.
Have you already hosted your source code on Github?
That would be great!