Firmware Upgrade 4.6.415145 - A30+ , SA100, WBC65, Up2stream Plate Amp May 11.2022

This article summarizes the changes for specific Models A30+ , SA100 , WBC65 , and Up2stream Plate Amp firmware release on May 11.2022.

Newest Firmware Version

  1. A30+/ 4.6.415145.29
  2. SA100/4.6.415145.29
  3. WBC65/4.6.415145.33
  4. Up2stream Plate Amp/ 4.6.415145.30

New Features:

  1. Add preset EQ, Flat/Classic/Pop/Rock/Jazz/Vocal
  2. Support gapless playback
  3. http API for playing notification
  1. Fixed, HTTP API reboot not working
  2. Adjusted default volume step to 5
  3. Adjusted minimum MXV to 30
  4. Add extra IR code for power on and power off
  5. Will reboot the device and enter WIFI mode when the sleep timer is out, to avoid the system not responding on standby.
  6. Add -BLE appendix for BLE device name to distinguish with classic Bluetooth
  7. Sync VB settings when set in ACPWorkbench
  8. Fixed, can’t switch to LINE-IN mode on boot
  9. Fixed, connected BT device is not forgotten when factory reset
  10. Fixed, used treble value for bass on boot
  11. Fixed, system detected silence when the input level is low
  12. Will set volume of AMP for master volume to improve the noise(WBC65 Only)

Web Player New Features:

  1. Personal Radio
  2. Audio Settings
  3. Need a password for the whole page
  4. Set title for the page
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hi, i am completly new here. It’s a very interesting Update, thank you.
Is it possible to use it for the up2stream amp 2.1?
And how could i install it?

Hi @Roli , yes and we will release soon

My 2.1 Amp just got the update last night! Excited to check it out.

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It’s great. Thank you all, I checked it out now again and it is updated :+1:

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