Firmware Upgrade 4.6.415145.34 - A50+ May 7.2022

  1. Add preset EQ, Flat/Classic/Pop/Rock/Jazz/Vocal
  2. Support gapless playback
  3. HTTP API for playing notification
  1. Fixed, HTTP API reboot not working
  2. Adjusted default volume step to 5
  3. Adjusted minimum MXV to 30
  4. Add extra IR code for power on and power off
  5. Will reboot the device and enter WIFI mode when the sleep timer is out, to avoid the system not responding on standby.
  6. Add -BLE appendix for BLE device name to distinguish with classic Bluetooth
  7. Sync VB settings when set in ACPWorkbench
  8. Fixed, can’t switch to LINE-IN mode on boot
  9. Fixed, connected BT device is not forgotten when factory reset
  10. Fixed, used treble value for bass on boot
  11. Fixed, SPDIF input voltage level
  12. Fixed, system detected silence when the input level is low

Web Player New Features:

  1. Personal Radio
  2. Audio Settings
  3. Need a password for the whole page
  4. Set title for the page
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Thank you, how do I ensure the firmware is properly updated and installed?

Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you For your job

Good News

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Hi. This is a great update. especially pleased with the “HTTP API for playing notification” feature. For my purposes, this feature is very useful, but I would like to have the ability to completely turn off the sound when the notification is turned on. Is it possible to implement this?
Will this feature be available soon on the S10? And I would like to know when the update of the 4Stream application is planned.

Hi @Adam_C the update will perform automatically. We call this OTA.

You can check the firmware version to check if you device updated or not.

If not, the may be a “NEW” prompt on firmware version (device settings > firmware version )
Click it and update.

If you still failed, try to contact us at
We will guide you check and manual update.

Hi @LVH , glad to hear that our feature is helpful.
Currently, when the notification is on the background music volume will lower. Similar to phone coming with the notification right now.

You know sometimes people have different point on some features :joy:

I already report your needs to our system, we will check and collect more figures.

Then we will apply the feature once we found that is more compatible to the user experience.

And yes, S10 will release the new firmware soon.
About the 4Stream app,

Thanks for your time to give us the nice feedback!

I completely agree with different points of view. And I’m sure many will disagree with me. but for my tasks it will be a very convenient solution. why not add such a setting to web or acp? thanks for your feedback and for what you do;)

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Hi just bought a50+ but the amp loses often connection to my home wifi.

How comes i don’t have same firmware?

Sure, I already reported to our team.

They will consider it :grin:

Hi Jimi, sorry is my fault.
The correct version ends in .34

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But i don’t see any preset EQ, Flat/Classic/Pop/Rock/Jazz/Vocal.

Any idea?

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Hi there!
I have had a A50+ in addition to three Up2stream Pro V3’s for over a year now. After the most recent firmware update I’m experiencing the same issue as Jimi, the A50+ frequently looses the Wifi connection and it is quite a struggle to get it to reconnect. It takes anywhere between 3 and 10! tries to finally connect even though the wifi reception shows four bars.
Prior to the firmware update this did not happen at all and I am not seeing this issue with aV3’s at all even though some of them are further from my wifi router.
Is this a known issue?

Othere than that I have to say thanks for the great work Arylic team!

I’m not sure for the reason, but could try to reset factory on APP, and connect to network again and see if ok.

Hi Jimi, the settings are in WEB, not on APP. And you need to reset factory settings on APP if not working corrently.

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Thanks for (the late) answer :innocent: i find it by myself.

Concerning my wifi problem it’s better now (i did a factory reset). It append still but not as much as before, as i have a mesh network with 2 routers in a 50 sq meters flat i think sometimes the a50+ connected to the far router and it’s crew up the connection.

Although maybe still a little too early to tell it seems that after the factory rest the wifi issues have gotten noticably better for me as well.

Do you have the firmware itself?
I cannot find it anywhere