Firmware Upgrade 4.6.337862

no… currently the web app only controlled the settings with password but not the playback, I think it’s not a issue since user in the same network can always control it with app.

It’s kind of a possible misuse vulnerability issue in my case. When anyone who gets to device via IP has playback control.
I have some PCs in local network, can’t isolate them. As for wi-fi devices with app - it’s much easier to isolate them in a guest network.

  • there’s a risk of intrusion after all.
    Imagine if someone gets remote access to you network and starts messing with your sound system (((
    Sonos went another way here – they have user accounts in their mobile and desktop app.

understood, will consider it

Would be great if anywhere in the window would be the name of the player (device name) I have 10 boards in my network. So would be great to know which device I’m control now


Please have an update for Tidal Endpoint

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@Geo George,

Depending what Router Make & Model you have it might be possible to restrict access to the Web Server Interface to one or more MAC Addresses (or IP Addresses assuming Fixed IP).

If you post you’re Router Make & Model I will have a look at the Manual to see what’s possible.



Great, finally a pc software independent playback option (the foobar is a horror)!
A few questions:

  • where can I find the file browse mode (which allows me to load a music file directly into the player),
  • how can I edit and save the preset list, and
  • how can I save the radio urls permanently?
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Thanks for the new firmware. The functionality of the products are still growing which is great . One thing i’m still missing is the update of the song while listening to a tunein station. When you start a tunein station the song and title are shown of the song playing when you start the station but is never updated.


Thank you, Kevin. I have a Keenetic ULTRA (KN-1810) router there.
First idea that came into my mind in this situation was putting all amps in a separate network subnet segment with restricted access…

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A option to “pass” the music to another room. Or make another speaker of a group the new “master” would be handy.

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Will web based app (4.6.337862) work in harmony with existing 4stream App (ios)?

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I followed the directions above but only see the elapsed time in the browser window
No album art ?
Did I make a mistake?
Thank you

Thank you very much for developing this very useful feature. If multi room options and the ability to see the flash memory content connected to each device are added, it will be much more useful.

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Nice. But the actual image is too big to fit on the screen!
It needs to be smaller to fit the browser display.

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Nice! I would love a way to sync up the PC/web interface with my iTunes library, PC Music collection as any sort of AirPlay is choppy and playing via USB drive doesn’t allow me to find songs by artist/name/album.

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I’d love it if the power button on the A50 remote put it into standby rather than completely turning it off. Pressing the power button currently disconnects it from the wifi, so takes a long time to reconnect again. Thanks, Chris


This looks great!
One request @Joy that I don’t see in the fixes: Streaming from an Icecast radio station via Tunein or vTuner the metadata and album cover art stays fixed as when the stream began rather than dynamically updating.

Look forward to trying this out

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My up2stream v4 shipped on the 3 December will it have the new firmware installed.

And thank you for the new updates keep them coming.

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Strangely, after this firmware update my Bluetooth on the S50+ Pro no longer works. I can connect to it, but when playing through the device it won’t produce sound. Which is odd because the Airplay still works fine over the network.

Any thoughts as to why the Bluetooth would suddenly stop working?

The player is sync to 4stream App and your device.
So you can play a song on 4stream App first and control.

The preset content is follow your settings in 4stream App.
The radio station will save automatically once you set.