Firmware update failure - Mini V3

I have a Mini V3 which came with FW version 4.2.8826.3

I’ve not ever been able to get a firmware update to apply. It downloads and then fails without giving a reason.
This was the case with the previous version of 4Stream and the latest.

It used to still work as a part of a synchronised group but now I think the other devices’ firmwares and the app have left it behind.

I’ve tried factory resetting it a number of times and it still won’t take an update.

Does anyone know any good tricks?

Download firmware file and use manual update tool all found on this forum page in Sept

Thanks CAT22.

That was just the good trick I was looking for.

It’s now happily working normally again.

It still indicates it wants a firmware “upgrade” even though it’s running 4.6.329454 compared with the current 4.6.328252 on other devices. I think I’ll just leave it as it is for now.

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The version 3 of Mini V3 has a bug to upgrade to new version, will need to use the ACPWorkbench to upgrade it… If you want to solve this, please let me know and I’ll send you the related firmware file. you can reach me at