EyesUP on DHL free shipping

I’ve been looking forward to own my first Arylic product for some months by now.

You state “DHL EXPRESS free for orders over 150 usd” all around your website. AND, in my case, I really need my A50+ shipped thru DHL due to a customs office tax exemption I get when my purchase arrives thru an express courier.

Finally, some days ago and thanks to “father’s day”, I managed to get the money to purchase an A50+

So, I “run” into your online store and buy one!

Everything seems ok: Money gets debited from my credit card, emails confirming the purchase are received, etc.

Two days later I receive an email from Arylic stating that you are not able to use DHL for shipping “at this time” but you may send me the “small package” and it will take about 24 days to arrive. I assume you just switched me from DHL express shipping, right into “standard post” snail mail. I say “assume” because the english phrasing on your email was lacking and difficult to understand.

So I asked for a refund.

I am writing this in here, 1) because I did want, fervently, to be able to try your product. and 2) because maybe someone at Arylic, -not in “shippment fulfilling”- may read this and be interested on further inquiring why you are doing this bait, click, switch strategy on your website.

UPDATE: They did cancel my order, with no further explanations.

YET: On the credit card, money still has to be refunded.

Conclusion: There is no “FREE DHL EXPRESS shipping on orders over 150 USD”. And until money is truly refunded, this still is a red flag.