Extremely noisy 2.1 amp


I have quite a big issue with all my 2.1 Amps. They are noisy to a point where it makes listening at night or closeish range imposible.
I have tried two normal 2.1 amps and two 2.1 plate amps. All had the same problem.

I have tried:
Different and no dsp settings
Different power supplies both external and internal
Powering it from a 21v battery
Different speaker cables
Different inputs
Changing the position of the wifi antenna
Using an external wifi antenna

Nothing does anything the noise is at the same level. Even if i lower the gain in the DSP.

Does anyone have any good ideas?
Because at the moment the amp is not enjoyable to use.

What kind of noise do you have ?
I happened to have had the same setup before at my home office, being very close to the speakers and using very low volume, and in this case i could hear some static noise and sound would be quite distorded.
All this of course would not be noticable farther from the speakers and pumping up the volume.
But because of this i went another way that works perfectly fine : a Mono Amp for the sub, and using the DAC out card to feed an LM3886 amp. Perfect sound even at very low volume and very close to the speakers.
I’ll use the 2.1 amp later for my next TV setup.

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Its like static very hard to ignore at that level. It seems to be an issue related to the 2.1 amps it seems as i have heard from others that the 2.0 and mono have less noise.

What is your input sources and cables?

As an example with the mini v3 and a DAC Board expansion. - The purpose of which is to take wireless streaming and output to RCA into an amp.
These two boards are connected by a ribbon cable, that introduces static noise to be heard from your speakers.
In these forums there is a little hack by wrapping the ribbon cable in foil, which helps to protect from EMI, i.e. removing the static noise.

I use the 2.1 plate amp, so i have no other things connected besides the speakers and power supply or battery.

Hey just wandering but is your amp 2.1 connected to a wifi with internet? Because if not It won’t get any software updates. my amp 2.1 required a software update as soon as I got it. I will have to check the firmware version but if you could tell me yours I might be able to help

It should be on the latest software

Mine has no problems

Is yours on that version?