EQ/DSP on lineout on B50 or up2stream sub amp

So I have the B50 and up2stream sub amp, looking to make a 2.1 set up for my TV. The sub I’ve built is bottoming out, using winisd it looks like a high-pass filter will help a ton. Is there any way to either connect up the up2stream sub amp to use ACPworkbench directly, or set an EQ on just the line level output of the b50 that’s going to the subwoofer?

On the Arylic 2.1 amp the DSP chip is BP1064A2 B0415CUE. This chip can set the eq independenty for the sub channel, i.e. the sub is not derived by a low pass of the stereo signal. I believe a similar chip is used on the B50. (It looks like it may be BP1064A2 BZ629CUE. ) If the chips are similar, then should be possible to adjust and set the B50 sub output channel through ACP workbench.