entering setup mode when router reboot

I’ve 6 up2streampro boards connected to my home Wifi.
When I reboot the wifi router, all devices goes in a setup mode loop.
Only solution that I know is manually reconnect the devices to the wifi. with the 4stream app. the app sees the devices as new devices .
all device settings (wifi credentials, device name) are still remember by the device
As the router updates are scheduled at night it’s annoying to wake up from continously message “entering setup mode”
How can I configure my devices to reconnect automatically when wifi is up and running

I have same problem,last night "Lady "start to talk all night for wifi connection:)

This is unexpected… The device will enter setup mode when lost connection indeed. I made this change to help some people who might have difficulty in setting up network…
I’ll change it back to normal way, the device will try to reconnect to the saved network when lost connection.