DSP settings lost on Up2Stream Pro V3

Hi, I’m new here in this forum and I’m very excited user of the Up2Stream device :smiley:
My first project with the Up2Stream Pro V3 is building a single box 2-way active speaker. I’m using ACP Workbench and configured a low-pass filter (left channel) for bass/mid speaker and high-pass filter (right channel) for the tweeter. I use an external amplifier (Wondom TAMP 2500) which is currently connected to the headphone output.

Everything is basically working well and sounds good and powerful. But yesterday after playing about 1hour music (Spotify over Wifi), the Up2Stream suddenly stopped playing and a big bang was forwarded to the loudspeakers. It seems that the device rebooted (the White Wifi LED was blinking for some seconds). I was able to reconnect and playing music again. No new Wifi setup was necessary. But the sound was awful.
I immediately stopped playing music and disconnected from power-supply. Then I connected the streamer to my computer and read out the DSP settings with ACP-workbench. All settings were deleted - it looks like a factory reset was performed.

Loosing the DSP settings is an absolute no-go for this project because the tweeter will be damaged when played fullrange because of lost filter settings.

Does anyone know how/why this could happen?

Was it a firmware update?

How can I check this? Are there any logs for this?
Current firmware version on board is V4.6.337862.29. When I connected device the first time (~2 weeks ago), the ACP Workbench updated the firmware automatically (unfortunately I don’t know the version at that time).

It sounds like it should be up to date. I am not seeing any information on when a device firmware was last updated. I am not sure what would cause this. There are others in the forum that may know.

It happened again! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: After about 2 hours music playing a sudden bang killed my horn speaker. I connected the up2stream to my computer and all DSP settings were deleted and everything was set to default. The horn-speaker became full-range musik and killed it immediately.

I am the only one to whom this happens :confused:. Is my board broken or what can be the reason for this.

BTW here is a picture of my partybox.

It is a shame, that nobody from the support team has answered!

I think they (especialy the Arylic software devs) are responsable for your killed tweeter.

Indeed, there is something wrong with the DSP settings (and not only that).

9 months ago, I telled them that the DSP suddenly disengage if two or more arylic boards are grouped together in the 4stream app… but no bugfixing has happened. It is still broken (even the volume control is f***ed up now).
Maybe they also could have seen the root cause of your DSP fall off and fixed it immediately if they took my bug report seriously.
So your case would never happened and everybody who payed for multiple Arylic boards or amps AND for this ACP software would be happy.



I am very curious to see if we get an answer :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
If not, I bought myself an expensive toy - making reliable musik is not possible so far :pensive:

Hi Mifo, I’m not sure what’s happening exactly, and I don’t know any possiblity that the DSP settings will lost while listening music. The sudden bang noise would be caused by the system crashed for some reason, over heat or something else.
Anyway, for the tweeter, better add an extra hardware filter to keep it safe at least and then adjust via DSP.