DSP for Bose Wave

Hello. I am considering a new project which would consist of a Bose Wave III system with all the internal electric and amp being guttet out and replacing the electronics with a up2stream amp board.
As I understand Bose they use an internal DSP system and that the arylic should mimic that. What’s the best way to get the amp sound as good as the original wave system?

Hi there,
Bose do not publish their “house curve”. If you search around you will find a set of Harmon Kardon house curves. This may help a little.
From experience the Bose curves are quite severe so getting a similar sound may not be possible (or indeed a good thing :blush:).

Thanks Martin,
Let’s say I have one stock wave music center or do measurements before I exchange the amplifier for the up2stream amp. To figure out the curve. Would that be possible to write the curve on the arylic via the software?

Hi there,
This, in principle, is possible.
This is how I would try to do it. Using REW I would close mic measure the Bose system. The first issue would be getting the drive signal into the Bose. Not at all sure what connections are possible for the Bose. You could even make a recording of the REW drive signal and play that as if it were an audio track.

If you do manage to get a drive signal in then set up a decent measurement mic at a close distance, so you avoid room reflections, would then give you a rough overall response of the Bose.
Around 150mm distance for the mic should be OK.

You could then convert this to your own “house curve” and apply that, again in REW, when you measure the new speaker with the Arylic driving it. REW will then allow you to create the biquads that you need to apply to the Arylic DSP using the ACPworkbench application.

The house curve is just a list of frequency and level settings. If you do a google for Harman House Curves you will find some examples.

Another option is to use those Harman curves as many find them to be very good. There is a section of Harman curves depending on what result you want.
This is a load of work Crossgolf and I wish you luck.

Hello and thanks. Today I received the Bose Wave Speaker and Horn and yesterdy the up2stream amp. Now I hooked it all up for some testing it really will be a load of work. so much that I am unsure if it is worth the time . So I might try to look into the harmann curves and maybe there is something to my liking. After all this should only be a small kitchen radio but it should sound better as the old panasonic radio we have.