Download a firmware

Hi there,

I have a bunch of S10 on my boat and very often poor Internet connection. Is there a way to download a firmware and upgrade the unit manually? I can a button on the webpage but the firmware are not made available for download apparently. There is this page but it is empty.

Thanks in advance!

I’ll place the firmwares for this page.


That’d be very helpful, thank you!

The firmware page is only the MCU firmware. The software that runs on the MT chip to do all the web stuff lives on S3. This XML file will point you to the correct file for your device.

Thanks for the info. So if I upgrade the MCU, this won’t affect the web stuff. How can I upgrade the software on the MT chip? Can I simply use the firmware upgrade option on the web interface?
I see that this XML points to other XMLs which then points to MCU files. That’s a bit confusing :slight_smile:

How can I upgrade the software on the MT chip?

I have not done a ton of work on reverse engineering the firmware yet but I think you can do this via the web UI or possibly the update tool linked on the firmware download page.

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Dear Frank, are any of these new MCU’s versions compatible with Rakoso X-10 ?
I’m with 4.6.415145.13

No, currently no updates for product X-10.