Doubts about S10 device, listen to a Pen USB, pair a Bluetooth Device with Arylic S10

It’s an Android.

it is connected by ethernet to my router, but I tought that the S10 bluetooth was also an input way.
I use Deezer, Spotify, Internet Radio with no problem.
The only problem is that today I notice that it switches to bluetooth after a while when I’m using my mp3 files on the phone.
And the USB pen only have 120GB and about 820 songs, I have formated it now and copy again all the files, I thing that there is no problem that I have one folder by albun.

I going to test it now.


When I insert the USB pen it blinks, but then on then on 4STREAM I onli have Line In and Bluetooth, no USB Device.

And the pne have 50 folders and 784 Files (only 5,2 GB).

I made i quick format on windows maybe I must try format with NTFS and FAT32 to see if there is any difference, I think now it is with FAT32.

I saw the videos to put MusicBee and Foobar streaming with UPNP protocol, but when I launch the 4stream they dind’t appear also.
And i didn’t forgot to press the wifi button of the remote control.
But I can see the one of my router, which have 2 usb entries, but neither find also some music on the usb pens.

I think I will opne a ticket on banggood, buut they will askme to make a video showing the problem, which is very complicated to do.

I didn’t find is no youtube video from streaming Youtube music from the PC to the S10 device.

Hi are you using a laptop or other computer for the S10 to access over the wifi/ethernet?

The S10 should be able to see any music files that are marked for sharing in your laptop/pc.

I have quite a few laptops with music files on them and the S10 finds them without any issue.
I also have a music server that i built myself (basically a small pc running linux and using squeezbox(vortexbox) program) it also has Plex software as an addon and the S10 sees both Vortexbox and the Plex (even though its the same pc) as they are two DNLA access points.

If i were you i would try the following;

  1. use a small 8gb or smaller usb drive with a couple of Mp3, Flac, wav files on it.
    it could be the pendrive you are using and see if S10 finds the smaller pendrive.

  2. if you have more than one pc/laptop; can you see the laptops music folder from the pc and can you play a music file from the laptop on your PC.
    this would prove that you have file sharing open UPNP/DNLA. If you cant see the the opposite PC/Laptops music folders, this is where your problem is and you will need to give the laptop/pc sharing permission for the music folder.

  3. did you say that the S10 sees your music on your phone? it should be in the ‘My Music’ section of your phone app and you should be able to select some music to send to the S10 to play. That would prove that the S10 is receiving music files over the network and that if your not seeing your pc/laptop files its a permissions issue.

  4. using Foobar there is also good instructions on the Arylic web site to connecting your pc by usb and playing music by Foobar.

out of interest what is your output plugged into , is it a small speaker or full hifi setup?
i’ve got mine plugged into a headphone amp.

Ive just experimented with a couple of USB pendrives and it didnt like the 125gb but played the 16, 8,and 4 gb sticks ok ( the all had the same music files on them)

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you can now get Airplay on Android see below:
Add Airplay to your Android Phone)

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Thanks for your help @C3pored it wass very apreciate.

I’m using a laptop and trying to disable the firewall to see if I can connect with the laptop over UPNP/DNLA.

I’m going also see if I have a pen or USB card and adaptor with 8GB. but for a device like S10 limit it to a few GB was not a good ideia.

If you can help me to found some video explain how to listen a music with youtube music player please share with me, because I like a lot (it also have the lyrics of some songs).


Hi, Did you try getting the Airplay app for Android that was mentioned previously.

Try that and when you play your YouTube music you touch the icon for airplay, it looks like a TV on a triangle. This will bring up a list of devices in your home you can share too.
Usually your TV is listed if its a Smart TV but also listed will be your S10 (under the name you gave it or the default name). you should have a choice of Airplay or Bluetooth(if phone/S10 connected)

Hi I already installed the app AirMusic, and yes I saw the the symbol of webcast, since my smart TV is an android TV.

But I prefer to use my Laptop to stream to the Arylic. I also bought an MP3 og 8GB, but I should bought in Portugal, because it will take sometime to arrive to Portugal.
I already see also the foobar on “Home Music Share” created a playlist on my laptop, but I need to have more time to explore it.

It will be nice if there was a AirPlay windows free application.

I will give you news as i have time to explore better the connection between the laptop.

Thank you @C3pored for all the help, it has been very helpfull.

I saw this site @C3pored AirServer Universal - The Most Advanced AirPlay, Miracast and Google Cast receiver for Windows PC but it seems they have some problem with the download that don’t start…

Hi @C3pored,

I return to the S10 again and I have almost everything running.
I bought AirParrot3, It didn’t display nothing on the available devices to stream, but if I put the IP address of my TV I can share the screen on it, and I have the TV connected to the Bose system and it’s almost OK.
The problem is that if I put the IP of the S10 it doesn’t connect. Do you know why? The S10 should be in wi-fi mode right?

Maybe be I’m streaming the PC with chromecast, and not AirPlay, because my TV have a chromecast built-in.

Thanks again for your patience and help.

I’m a bit unclear at what your trying to do here with the TV and Bose system.

The S10 is a Receiver Only, it accepts wifi, bluetooth, usb and network musical inputs but outputs the music only by 3.5mm jack for physically connecting to an amplifier or other Audio input.

if you want to use your laptop for Youtube Music, use a USB cable (the S10 will draw its power from the laptop). You then can either use the S10 3.5 mm output direct to an amp or connect the 3.5mm output to a bluetooth transmitter(very cheap on amazon).

I have just purchased a 3rd S10 as i find them incredibly useful as multiple room music sources all controlled via the Arylic Phone app which is very user friendly allowing you to switch music sources, control volume, pause and play plus other useful functions.

i mostly use Amazon Music and my own DNLA Music server but all of them are physically connected to Amplifiers by the 3.5 mm jack

I think you are trying to get the S10 to retransmit your music by Wifi or Bluetooth, it cannot do this its only a receiver.

I hope this helps


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Hi @C3pored,

With the app 4stream is everything ok, but it didn’t exist yet for windows 11, because what I want now is to stream the music of my PC to arylic, which is connected to the Bose system.
I already managed to do it, but I need my TV on.

I wonder if it is possible to stream directly from my PC with DNLA or AirPlay thru arylic.

I search in Google, it seems that it is possible with iTunes, but I got a error message when I try to authorize my PC on iTunes.

Right now I can do it, but I need my TV on.

If you have any idea please share it with me.

Thanks you.

@pgomes2000 Paulo,

Can you share which model is the Bose System ? Also a quick sketch or photograph of how the Arylic is connected to the Bose Unit.

Kind Regards


Hi @NWT.Stuff Kevin,

The Bose is the model PS 3-2-1 Series II and it is connected to Arylic with a 3,5 jack and RCA on the Bose.

Hope this helps.

Thank you all for trying to help.

@pgomes2000 Paulo.

I’ll look at the Bose Manual later.

Regarding Streaming from PC as it is Windows PC I would use DLNA. I don’t have experience with Windows 11 but if Windows Media Player is still installed then that should do it. I am also sure I have seen mention of Foobar2000 on the Forum.

Depending on how you are set up e.g. LAN or WiFi they may some network configuration (port or firewall) configuration to do. Sometime the software will prompt these changes. I am pretty sure that Windows network Discovery has to be enabled but unsure what Windows 11 looks like :slight_smile: )

Hope this helps


Hi @NWT.Stuff Kevin,

Windows 11 have Media Player, and on Media Stream Options I can see Arylic allowed, but when I try to cast a music only my TV appears.

Could it be some problem with firmware, if I point to the IP address of Arylic on a browser, it asks for a password and on the bottom is this UP2STREAM_PRO_V3 4.6.328252.29 (should be my firmware version).

I saw that there is a new firmware but I don’t know what is the password for the browser an there are some terms that are unknown for a noob like me :slight_smile:

Is there any topic recommended for begginers to update firmware?


@pgomes2000 Paulo,

I can’t remember the password for the Web Management Interface. Try “admin” “password” or blank “”. In any case this will help you configure Network Settings but not solve the Streaming Issue with Windows Media Player. Also your firmware is very much up to date v29 (xxxxx.29)is fresh fresh fresh.

I have never tested my PRO with Windows Media Player (as I stated ONLY theoretically works = NOT tested). I’ll test it and get back to you with my experience :slight_smile:

Regards, Kevin

Oh and by the way your PRO is on wifi or hard wired ethernet cable ?

Thank you @NWT.Stuff Kevin for helping me.

Mine is wired, connected directly to the internet provide router.



I can confirm that you are not a NOOB or going mad. Windows Media Player doesn’t work for me either. So I will explore other methods, I have a few in my pocket :wink:

Hmmm the pocket is not going well. I think there is clearly an issue with DLNA from Windows OS. I will research and try a few more things. Might take a few days !!


@pgomes2000 one important question regarding your application. Are you trying to play music from your PC Harddisk, USB Drive, NAS Network Drive or something else ? e.g. Music Services etc.