Doubt - Spotify playlist


I want to use some amp2stream v4 stereo boards but in my application I will need to use spotify playlists but my cellphone may get disconnected from the wifi from time to time.
My doubt is: if I setup a playlist, get it to play on my boards and then my cellphone gets disconnected, will it keep playing or will it stop once the song that is playing ends?
(does the playlist gets loaded to the board or does the cellphone keeps sending commands to stream the next song after each one ends)?

Thanks for your support

Hi Gabriel,

When you use Spotify Connect to play a playlist on device, it will send that playlist to the device and play. The Spotify APP can still control it when the phone is in the same network, and the playback will remains when the phone leave the network, just can’t be controlled with APP now. And the playback will follow the loop method you’ve selected for the device.

And you also can bind a playlist on a number key, for example NUM1, this is called preset. After that, you can just press the NUM1 on remote control, and the device will play the preset playlist, without the APP.