Doorbell plus

I’m new in the audio topic. So I hope a can get some ideas and responses.
I try to build my own doorbell system with the option to expand any time.
The first and primary function I need is to play different sound files from a Linux server over a lot of active speakers.
The next step is to set volume on different speaker groups.
I think the acrylic boards are very good for this project. Have anyone ideas or experiences with this topic?

Hi, the current system does not support to play an extra notification audio when playing music. For example, you’re listening to music, and some events come and trigger to play a notification sound on some speaker, so the music volume will lower and play this sound in the same time. Just like the message notification sound on phone, that’s the best solution. But, not implemented yet :), hope to get it work in future updates.

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@MaxDau Max,

This functionality can be achieved with Home Assistant Software.

However if you are not already using home assistant it will take a lot of time to get it up and running (and in particular your head around it).

If you think it is something you would want to do then I recommend dedicating a Raspberry PI to this Application Alone and running the HASSIO Operating System. It’s a lot trickier to manually install, use Docker etc. etc.

Hope this helps.


I would love an audio overlay feature like what you describe here!

@MaxDau I’ve tried to do what you want with home assistant. But because audio overlay is not possible (yet) it didn’t work the way I wanted. What I tried was to store the current state of the media player, play a file that’s stored on a NAS and restore playback. All this took way too long. Like a 10-20 second delay from doorbell press to actual sound. You quickly find out how not patient people are when a doorbell takes too long :man_shrugging:t3:… I’ve also tried to reduce the delay by placing the doorbell sound on a USB stick and play it from there. But that gave some other issues.

What i turned out to do was a whole different approach. I don’t know what kind of mobile phone you have, but on an iPhone it is possible to send a critical notification from home assistant and tell it to use a specific sound. This is what i’ve implemented for my smart doorbell. Whenever someone triggers the doorbell, my phone and my wife her phone will give a doorbel sound (as long as we are awake) So, wherever you are in the house you will be able to hear the doorbell sound.

If you are interested I can share the automations, but I think that’s a bit beyond the scope of this forum.

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@megawubs Bram

That’s the way I would go. I’ll give it a go over the next couple of weeks and then we can compare notes :slight_smile: