Doorbell in multi-room groups

I’m trying to set up a doorbell notification sound on all my arylic devices using python and the API command GET /httpapi.asp?command=playPromptUrl:

Unfortunately, I can’t get it to work properly in multi-room groups. The notification sound plays on the host device but the slave devices stay silent. I tried addressing the host device to play the sound within the whole group as well as addressing the slave devices individually.

If I then remove all slave devices from the group, it’s still the same. The sound plays on the device that was the host device but the previous slave devices stay silent. I can get a prior slave device to play the notification sound by playing a song or sound and then requesting the notification.

I attached an overview of the commands I used.

How do I play the notification sound on all devices within a multi-room group?

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I was having trouble getting it to work on just one controller, and I’m saddened to see this post has not received a response from the devs yet

I hope that it somehow gets noticed by the devs as I still haven’t found a solution…
I could try to help you in case your problem isn’t resolved yet