Does connecting S10 aux out to BP50 line in use both DACs to process streamed signal?

I bought a BP50 to connect new digital devices to my legacy integrated amp.
I also have an S10 with its Aux Out connected to the Aux In on the amp for streaming.
I want to connect the S10’s Aux Out to the BP50’s Line In and the Line Out from the BP50 to Aux in on the amp instead.

Will this send the streaming source through both the DAC on the S10 and BP50 and will the audio quality be affected? Would it be better to connect the S10 and the BP50 directly to inputs on the amp? I’m trying to conserve the inputs on the amp for other sources.

While a shorter signal path is always preferable, what you are suggesting is feasible and shouldn’t present any issues.

The digital signal will be processed in the S10, the line level will pass through the BP50

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Yes it makes sense that the analog feed on the line in isn’t converted to digital and then back to analog again for the line out. Thanks.
I will get a better quality and shorter 3.5 mm to RCA cable than the one that comes with the S10.
I have an Onkyo CD player connected to the amp via RCA as well. It has an optical output so I will try connecting it through the BP50. I expect the ESS DAC is better than the one in the Onkyo from around 2007.
I’m also connecting my TV via the HDMI ARC.

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