do i need to open the app everytime i turn on the tv?

Question: i’ve noticed that i need to open the app everytime i turn on my Tv so i can activate the deep-bass function in the app and other EQ settings to be implemented. Is the normal? The B50 always goes back to standard mode after switching off?

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yea this thing does not seem to want to save settings

Hi Dave_Sand:

What version of your amp is it? I tested it according to the steps you mentioned, and the results were saved. Still, your amplifier was turned off directly, not through the toggle switch. . However, when I test closing or exiting the app and powering it on again and entering the app, it is saved. You can also tell me the version of the application and we will analyze it for you.

Hi Joia,

I experience the same thing, just received the device ( I love it ) and I have the following:

Iphone : GoControl v1.3.1
B50 Firmware : 50-0ce1e3ac-8

Thank you.