Do I need crossovers with a plate amp? Plus power supply and buttons

Hi, folks, I have a few questions about my plate amp speaker design…

  • Do I need to include crossovers in the design or can I just wire each speaker to the board? I think I read that you can design software crossovers within the amp?.
  • I’m planning to use a laptop power supply - will the power be ‘clean’ enough?
  • Am I right in thinking I don’t need to include any additional buttons in the design? i.e. I can control the plate amp with the controls on the back and via the mobile app.
  • Can I use a mixture of impedencies in the speakers? I want to use an 8ohm sub and 2 4ohm full range woofers.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Henry,

I assume you are using 2.1 plate amp? So if you are only driving a sub and a full range driver then no you wouldn’t need a crossover. You are correct, the sub crossover frequency can be adjusted with the software.
A laptop power supply should be ok as long as it’s within the allowable input voltages of the plate amp and can supply sufficient current.
With regards to the speaker impedance, you say 2 x 4ohm full range and 1 sub? Are you planning to put all the drivers in one cabinet with the full range as L & R stereo?
You can see your expected speaker power in the specifications sheet on the Arylic webpage.
Hope this helps a little.

Hi Steve,

Yup, 2.1 plate amp is what I have, configured exactly as you say.

Thanks for your help once again!