DIY Stereo speaker with Up2Stream AMP

A wireless stereo speaker I build using Up2Stream AMP board.
The case is made of PVC boards I have for modeling, the speakers salvage from my old desktop speaker. I only use a 12V/2A power supply but the volume is already high enough to use in my room.

Inside is quite empty, maybe I should divide the speakers in separate “room” for better sound, also drilled a hole for power supply cord at the back.

Spay paint it black and made a magnetic cover.

I connect it to my PC as desktop speaker when I watch videos and play games, listen to spotify when I am working on my models.
So far, it serve me very well, the sound is good. :slight_smile:
Now I am thinking to add a rotary knob for volume control, it will be more convenient then going back to the app just to change volume. :sweat_smile:


Nice sharing @Sim ! Don’t forgot to share after you add the knobs :laughing:

The front cover looks old, great job.

Sure, once I finished the upgrade, I will post it. :wink:

looks old…? anyways, thanks. :sweat_smile:

@Sim: great work !

If both speakers share the same room/space inside the housing it is essetial that they have the same polarity/“are in phase”. Otherwise the sound waves of the spaekers may vanish if they overlay.


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Added a volume knob and put some LED light with breathing effect :laughing:
Also seperate the speakers in different rooms as suggested by zimmer, feels like it do sounds better :+1:


So cool @Sim !!! It seems you can have a party at home now!!!

You would be able to ‘see’ the sound if the light blinks following the music rythm!

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Very Cool @Sim Love the Magnetic Cover idea :ok_hand:

ABSOLUTELY NO EXPERIENCE with the linked product but my point is this functionality is cheap :slight_smile:

Yes, something like that. It’s easy to get some fancy light effects.

Able to do LED rhythm with music sounds good.
@NWT.Stuff thanks for sharing :+1:

Wow . looks much fancy after upgrade ,wondering how’s the sound .