DIY Stereo Speaker with Up2Stream AMP and Eltax Monitor III

Hi everyone. I’m fairly new to the wonderful world of wireless streaming services and discovered the Arylic Amp while trying to find a solution for a friend. I never imagined such a small device could be jampacked with so many awesome features. After checking a few youtube reviews I took the plunge and ordered the Up2Stream Amp v3

As a person who loves working on DIY projects, I decided to install the board inside a set of recently acquired Eltax Monitor III speakers. Everything went according to plan and I am now the proud owner of a set of custom smart active speakers

Here are some pics of the front and rear of the speaker before converting it. The stock crossover has four (bi-wire) inputs

I didn’t like the idea of having an external amplifier so installed the Up2Stream Amp inside the speaker cabinet

During the conversion, I removed two of the inputs, added a USB port, WiFi and Bluetooth external Antenna, DC power input, and also converted the remaining input to an output for connecting to the 2nd speaker. A few days later I added a 2nd positive output connection for connecting a high level lead to my Subwoofer

For the LED light and Infra-Red receiver, I wired them into the top speaker grill connectors

And they sound fantastic! Thank you Arylic


@jacksback Jack,

Welcome to the Forum and thanks for sharing your valued experience.

That’s really nice work and the most important thing is that you are happy with the result. :headphones:

I have an Upstream AMP and I have also recently made a set of speakers with this hardware. I still need to test it and make my conclusions in particular comparing it acoustically to the Upstream AMP.

Happy listening, Kevin

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