Disable Amp V4 bootup sound and wifi + Amp 2.1 initial delay


One of my Amp V4s is behaving oddly - whenevr I turn it on it plays a bootup tune. I have another Amp V4 and an Amp 2.1 and neither make this startup sound. I can’t find any way to disable it.

All of my boards are connected to the network via ethernet - is there a way to completely disable the wifi radio to save some power usage?

One other thing I’ve noticed is that whenever I cast any media to my Amp 2.1, there is a portion of about 2 seconds that is cut off before the sound reaches the speaker - the Amp V4s do not exhibit this behaviour. Anybody know why?


Try to this http api-link to disable bootup tune: http:///httpapi.asp?command=PromptDisable

(check it with this link: http:///httpapi.asp?command=getStatusEx) -“prompt_status” in the list…