Digital outputs on BP50

Looking at the specs of the BP50 preamp Arylic states that the coax and optical outputs are 48hz 16 bit. The included DAC is 192 24 bit, why are the coax and optical outputs lower ? If you connect a higher quality DAC to these outputs will you increase the specs to those of the DAC you are connecting ? Any help on understanding this better would be appreciated.


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Without seeing a schematic or signal flow diagram, it’s impossible to know where the digital/optical output signal is taken from.
You could upsample the digital out signal but in my opinion your not going to get better results, it’s a case of trying to get more out of what’s available- it won’t happen.
Anyway, what’s wrong with the line level output signals? Why don’t you experiment and do listening tests, line out v digital out through another DAC? I would be interested in your opinion.

My plan was to feed two separate amplifiers one with the line level outs using the internal DAC and the other amp with an external DAC that I own. The external DAC is higher quality than the internal , however there would be no point in using a higher quality DAC if I cannot achieve a higher quality output. I was looking at other preamps with digital outs and the bit rate is usually equivalent to the internal DAC and I’m wondering if this spec is a misprint. If you look at there connection diagram on the product page they also show a cd player being fed by the optical output. This certainly cannot be correct. Thanks for your response.

You may have your little blue lines crossed as the optical is actually shown feeding a sound bar.
As far as the spec. @zpl1025 Frank, could you comment on this please.
Thanks, Steve

Your correct my error.

the BP50 is designed to working in 48KHz as system sample rate. It should only state support to decode 192K FLAC, or receive 192KHz via SPDIF in. And it will be resampled to 48KHz for processing and output.