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Hey, first post here!
What’s the feel for a Windows desktop app?
I have started something, I’m working on the following features:

  • Custom stations + Now Playing
  • TuneIn Favourites (Downloaded from your TuneIn account) + Now Playing
  • Spotify Integration, library search (to match Now Playing Info), Like, Add to Playlist, View Album
  • Vol/Mute/Power Off
  • Keyboard shortcuts (Vol, Mute, etc.)
  • Auto detect on LAN

It’s fully usable already, depending on interest I would improve the look and feel and then package/localise it.
Here are some screenshots:


I think it may be an interesting idea, but I am not sure that I would have a use for a Windows app. I can use any player on my pc. I have my Up2Stream Pro, plugged into my pc with the speaker out going to the line in on the device. I don’t know that I need anything else.

Since everyone uses these in their own way, it would probably be of more use to some than others. Saying that, I would love to check out what you currently have, I may find it easier/better that my current setup. I have tried several different ideas/ways of setting up to see what works best for me. It looks good!

Not an expert,


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Great idea, another method of control over Wi-Fi is useful than keeping opening phone app.
Keep up the Good Work

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Very interested in a Windows app ! Since I’m behind the computer all day, it would be very handy to be able to control the devices with a dedicated desktop app. Keep up the good work, would be happy to help test the software!

Thanks for everyones’ responses.
The Spotify integration is a bit hit and miss so I won’t focus too heavily on that for first release.
I’d like to get an idea of most requested features for the desktop app, such as;

  • Volume/Mute
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Custom streams
  • TuneIn playlists
  • Now playing
  • MultiRoom control

Could anyone interested reply with what they would like to see?
I don’t have a multiroom set up so have a poor understand of what features would be useful so feedback there would be particularly great.
Another way of giving feedback would be to list any features you use in the phone app.


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I love when people like you @Tailor, put such an effort in helping the Arylic community. Great!

When it comes to a desktop App, I have following wishes.

A 4Stream Desktop App
I would like to have a 4Stream desktop App additional to the 4Stream smartphone/tablet App. Installation, configuring and managing the Up2Stream devices would be very handy to do on a desktop. A smartphone or tablet does have its limitations in quickly working in such App environment.

Cloud management of Up2Stream devices
I have built several projects with Arylic products for family and friends. Several of them at rather large distance. When someone calls with a problem, its very hard to understand what is going on. Being able to look to the devices remotely, would be fantastic. In the IoT/smart home market, it is very common to be able to manage devices this way.

Web-based App
I would also prefer to be able to handle such App via a web browser. Speaking for myself, I only work with Mac, so a Windows App is unusable for me. But anyhow a Web-based App, can run on any computer in any browser.

Would sure like a PC based version of 4stream. My Iphone is tied up providing house hotspot and can’t keep on the home’s wifi. I tried loading 4stream on android emulator Bluestacks on PC but the 4stream can’t add any arylic devices for whatever reasons. Bluestacks can reach Arylics via browser commands to join groups or get status of each arylic. So now I’m stuck troubleshooting emulators, 4stream etc. I also tried Memu android emulator but android 4streams wouldn’t run at all. If I ever get Bluestacks working I’ll then have to know 4streams version for Apple and Android.

@Tailor great work and brilliant that you are reaching out to the community to get feedback.

I would agree with @KolfMAKER suggestion that a Web Browser UI would be “ultimately” more useful for more people e.g. MAC, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS. However it is probably harder to do and test so it will always be a question of your own personal objectives, time etc. etc.

Personally I would use the Windows App and would welcome any functionality you would serve up.

The ultimate solution would be a responsive web browser which would work on laptops, tablets and phones but that really is a lot of work :joy:

Good luck with your project and I will think more about what would be the key functionality.

Btw for me the attraction of Arylic products for me is good sound at a very fair price, good customer & technical support, open source and synchronised multi room audio. An all round good vibe I would say :slight_smile:

Regards, Kevin

@Tailor Russ, I don’t see the need for Spotify Integration as the Spotify Connect works well with the Arylic Devices. It is the Only Streaming subscription that “PUSHES” Music as opposed to “PULLING” from an Interface in the Arylic APP (e.g. Tidal, Amazon Music etc.)

Yes to all of the above except TuneIn (don’t use it). in my rough order of usefulness to me

  • Volume/Mute (essential)
  • MultiRoom control (essential for me)
  • Keyboard shortcuts (sounds interesting & useful)
  • Custom streams (would like to see more presets e.g. >100-255)
  • Now playing
  • TuneIn playlists

Other Stuff I use on the app

  • Select Source
  • Select a Music Service and Play (in my Case Amazon Music)
  • Browse>Home Music Share>Music Server
  • Save Presets (in The Browsing window, e.g. Music server Playlist)

Hope this helps, Kevin


Is it possible to test your app ? :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Best regards,


I’m also interested on it. What about some donations to help you?

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Wow thanks for all the appreciation and enthusiasm, it all means a great deal and the biggest motivator.
My work contract is just coming to an end so it’s great to have a purpose. I’m doubting I’m going to pay the bills with it though!
I don’t have a 2nd device so multi-room will need some testers to help.
I’ll get a alpha version together and post back in the next few days.
Cheers, Russ

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Thanks for the great feedback.
I can give this further thought but first reaction is that it would need a web server application installed locally and then the same limitations would apply.

Great to hear @Tailor you are serious about trying this out.
If you need support in testing, also like the multi-room, I think there will be several forum members to help you out. I will be one of them.
Keep us posted!


You won’t be short of volunteers to test :slight_smile:

One of the best things about this forum is there is a lot of people doing stuff mostly as enthusiasts and not many people complaining :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the great work on this app. We can give another board for you. Please contact for further, address etc, maybe cc, so I know the progress.
And regarding the features, there’re a lot of features in progress now, so we can expect the first release, and then improve. And any questions for the API or how to or available functions, we can discuss further.