Delay between Analogue input and speaker output

Hi all,
I have a commercial installation of 12 mono amplifiers. They are being streamed to using an S10.
The problem I have is the delay between the Audio input to the S10 and the Sound from the speaker is a number of seconds. The network is hardwired to a 48 port Ubiquity PoE switch.
Unfortunately the customer is not happy with the delay. is there any method of reducing the delay.
If I can’t eliminate the delay I will need to replace the amplifiers.

I have also seen that as soon as the devices are joined in a group, there is delay.
Is there a rule to calculate the delay depending on the number of devices in a group ?
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Yes, the S10 device has to process and synch the signals with the other devices, causing delay from what the input signal is. If you are listening to the input to the S10, it will be delayed from output of the device or other connected (grouped) devices. You would probably need to connect speakers from line in (source) device to the line out on the S10.

Only the outputs are synched, if that makes sense.

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