Deep Bass Setting

I love the Deep Bass function. At the moment, there is only an option to turn it on and off. Would it be possible to have a few steps (1, 2, 3)? The current level is a little too strong for me. I would like to set the intensity a little lower than the current settings.

You can adjust the intensity with ACPWorkbench (if you have a comaptible device). Then you still only have on and off, but you can set it to a lover value and change the frequency range.
With the Software you can also make custom equalizer settings and switch it with long press on the number buttons of the remote. Switch back to neutral equalizer with long press on flat

Yes, I am aware of the possibility to fine-tune this in ACPWorkbench. However, not everybody has that.
That is why I suggested to have the option, albeit limited, in the Go-Control app.

good idea, will consider to support.

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Excellent suggestion, I use Apple devices and do not have access to windows so an option in the Go-Control app would be appreciated.

ps. If ever you release ACPWorkbench under Macos, let us know.

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