Damaged Phoenix Connector

I have accidentally damaged the 4 Pin Phoenix Connector that came with my A50+ unit. I see so many listed on amazon to buy, but I am not sure which is the right fit/size. Can someone help me point to the right unit to get?

Thank you

If I owned a Arylic amplifier I would measure the pin centres and advise you a part number.

@zpl1025 Frank, could you please answer this one and advise a part number.

Hi, it should be a common one. I also have no specification document for it. But an important parameter, the space or distance between 2 PINs is 5.08mm. And a photo for this connector.

@bsdbee hi, i used to have ordered from here (https://a.aliexpress.com/_m0QdRxK), it is the correct size for A50+.