Create a static "room" from multiple products.

I have a need to manage multiple products as a single room. All products would then function as a single player / room together. When I add the virtual room to another room in multiroom, all players would automatically join / unjoin, etc. I would further like the ability to designate a certain speaker / player as Left, Right, Mono statically within the room.

This functionality is desirable as it would allow customers to add functionality in a modular approach.

My personal use case is I have 10+ zones currently in a centralized deployment. All rooms have in ceiling speakers that come back to a centralized multi-channel amplifier. I would like to add wireless subwoofers in some of the rooms.

I can provide this functionality now, however I need to manage the subs separately from the rooms themselves.

I agree with this. I have been thinking about wireless subs as well, and I would like to join multiple amps as essentially a permanent group. This group could then be joined with other zones or removed as a group.

I would like to see the ability in the 4stream app to setup something like preset groups of amps. Maybe similar back end functionality as above. I like to join a bunch of my zones together for family gatherings, so it would be nice to have a preset group of “all zones” and another preset group that sets them all back to their “individual zones” type setup, but account for some zones where a wireless sub has been configured.

I totally agree here. “virtual” speaker groups is such a needed feature.