Couple of bugs. Maybe a possible update???

Love the little B50. i have it in my bedroom powering some Dali bookshelves and a rel t5i sub.

Just reporting a couple of bugs i have on the 52-452f344c update.

The Bluetooth transmit feature is great. my wife uses it when i want to sleep. But when the headphones are disconnected the subwoofer no longer receives a signal. I have to power cycle the unit for it to return.

The subwoofer never goes into standby its always on.

And lastly. When the unit is turned on to standby via my tv remote though hdmi-cec. it will turn its-self back on again at some point in the night.

Cheers Matt

yes these units do not seem to behave right when coming out of standby

i think at this point you may as well just not use standby given the power you potentially save isnt worth the hassle