Could someone help me

Hello could someone help me, my cards restart when I increase the volume.

That sounds odd, are you increasing the volume with the app?

For me I had the problem that first the USB input and then the aux input stopped to work. Arylic sent me a new bord as a replacement so that might work for you too.

are you using a compatible power supply? Normally this behavior occurs when you don’t have a power source with enough amperage.

Yes, I’m using the one I bought with arylic

Yes, I decided to put the speakers in series

You would need to detail which card you have and how you wired it. Like a picture with connections, it does sound as if something is wrong and its shutting down (possibly through power loss or self protection)

I’m not really sure what you are describing here, as Bilabong007 says, provide a sketch.
Note that if you wired speakers in series, you double the ohms, ie two 4 ohm speakers becomes 8 ohms seen at the amplifier.