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Hi everybody,

i have two amp2.0 devices for streaming music in two different rooms. I really like the product and that there are so many ways to controll the device. The only thing i miss in the app, is the ability to create widgets to controll the music right from the startscreen of your smartphone.

So i found an interessting app which sends http-get-requests. This can be used to controll the arylic.
I made 4 buttons for each room:
3.Volume (slider from 0-100)
4.Internetradio (choose preset)

You can do a lot more with this app, Input mode, stream from an URL, next, prev, etc.
You can also define variables which you can include in your http request.
Its complete free and without ads.
I dont know if there is an other way to do it, but for me it works really nice.
The homepage with documentation of the app is here:

I have also used an esp2866 to controll via http-requests which also worked fine. Maybe i build an wifi remote later, but for now im very happy with the widgets control on my smartphone.

I just want to share my experience with you!
Sorry for my bad english, im from austria.

kind regarts dominik

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