Control4 Driver

Hi All,

Does anyone have any experience with writing Control4 drivers ?

Control4 is one of the the most widely used control systems in our local market and having a driver which would integrate Arylic products into the Control4 system would make Arylic a powerful product at its price point.

Hi @Mike welcome to the forum. It is a very friendly and helpful forum.

I wouldn’t expect Arylic to develop a driver per se for Control4. However the Arylic devices are DLNA Renderers so providing Control4 is a compatible DLNA Music Controller it should be possible :slight_smile:

I would search the Control4 forum with key words DLNA, Renderers, Speakers.

Hope this helps. kevin

I’ve been developing a driver from a previously rebranded version and have recently started on the Arylic. IP based with navigation controls. I’ve yet to tackle making the album art show up on Navigator though. You can always make an IR driver easily as they include a remote with the S10 and other larger streamers.

Owners of Control4 automation solutions generally use the Control4 app to control everything in the house which is better for consumers as they don’t have to open up multiple apps on their devices to control audio , video, lighting etc

Being able to control Arylic directly from the Control4 app would be brilliant.

Have there been any further developments on a possible Control4 driver ?

Hi Mike
Could U find any solution for this?
My control4 can’t find the Arylic by DLNA

Hi, unfortunately have not managed to source a Control4 driver yet.
I’m hoping one will be available from Arylic soon.

Hi all,
In the past I used Janus to develop a set of drivers for the company I worked with. They provided Control4, AMX, Crestron, Elan and a few others. Janus were fantastic but this was a commercial development so cost money.
maybe worth checking them out.

Thanks for the info Martin. I completed an online reply form on the Janus website but have had no reply at all in over a week.
Do you still have a contact that I can speak to there ?

Hi Mike,
My contact was Richard Caton. He is the head of Janus.
Hope this helps.