Control of audio latency


I’m interested in buying some Arylic boards to create multiroom audio in my house. I already have various amplifiers+speakers+DAC setups and my questions is whether it is possible to control the digital (USB/SPDiff) audio latency that is outputted for each Arylic board. Especially for adjacent rooms, the different DACs which will very likely output the audio with slightly different latency. Without the ability to controll the individual audio latency per board, one will probably hear echo or phasing when the audio of the 2 rooms meet each other…

Interested to see how/if this is covered,

Regards, Bas

No, the device can’t adjust the latency seperately. And it’s also not a solution, because the multiroom playback is not sync to clock also. And this latency is not fixed for different devices and network transferring, so also can’t be calibrated.
So the solution is not suitable to build wireless desk speakers, but not a big problem in multirroom playback.