connection problem after turn off

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I noticed a little problem with my Up2stream Mini WiFi Audio Receiver Module Board
If i turn off the device from remote , after turn on , don`t want to connect to the wifi . The LED blink and nothing happend … I need to remove the power cable / switch back Up2stream board and after that the board is connect successfully .

I upload the last firmware witch i found - 4.6.9724.5 build date 20210624

have any of you encountered an improved problem and is there a way to solve it?

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here is a short video with the wifi problem …

Please try to get detailed board info with this link: http://device_ip/httpapi.asp?command=getStatusEx
I remember such issue before, but should have fixed. Need to know the exact info for the board.

{ “uuid”: “FF31F09EA0E6DE3626858652”, “DeviceName”: “Grizzly audio”, “GroupName”: “Grizzly audio”, “ssid”: “A31Audio_533D”, “language”: “en_us”, “firmware”: “4.6.9724”, “hardware”: “A31”, “build”: “release”, “project”: “RP0013_WA31S”, “priv_prj”: “RP0013_WA31S”, “project_build_name”: “a31rakoit”, “Release”: “20210624”, “temp_uuid”: “C03777234C05A9EC”, “hideSSID”: “1”, “SSIDStrategy”: “2”, “branch”: “A31_stable_4.6”, “group”: “0”, “wmrm_version”: “4.2”, “internet”: “1”, “MAC”: “00:22:6C:10:53:3D”, “STA_MAC”: “00:22:6C:10:53:3F”, “CountryCode”: “CN”, “CountryRegion”: “1”, “netstat”: “2”, “essid”: “546578486F54706F48756B”, “apcli0”: “”, “eth2”: “”, “ra0”: “”, “eth_dhcp”: “1”, “VersionUpdate”: “0”, “NewVer”: “0”, “mcu_ver”: “5”, “mcu_ver_new”: “0”, “dsp_ver”: “”, “dsp_ver_new”: “0”, “date”: “2021:08:24”, “time”: “15:20:29”, “tz”: “2.0000”, “dst_enable”: “1”, “region”: “unknown”, “prompt_status”: “1”, “iot_ver”: “1.0.0”, “upnp_version”: “1005”, “cap1”: “0x305200”, “capability”: “0x28690b80”, “languages”: “0x6”, “streams_all”: “0x7ffffbfe”, “streams”: “0x7f9831fe”, “external”: “0x0”, “plm_support”: “0x0”, “preset_key”: “10”, “spotify_active”: “0”, “lbc_support”: “0”, “privacy_mode”: “0”, “WifiChannel”: “1”, “RSSI”: “-64”, “BSSID”: “10:FE:ED:74:4E:96”, “battery”: “0”, “battery_percent”: “0”, “securemode”: “1”, “auth”: “WPAPSKWPA2PSK”, “encry”: “AES”, “ali_pid”: “RAKOIT_MA1”, “ali_uuid”: “”, “upnp_uuid”: “uuid:FF31F09E-A0E6-DE36-2685-8652FF31F09E”, “uart_pass_port”: “8899”, “communication_port”: “8819”, “web_firmware_update_hide”: “0”, “ignore_talkstart”: “0”, “silenceOTATime”: “”, “ignore_silenceOTATime”: “1”, “new_tunein_preset_and_alarm”: “1”, “iheartradio_new”: “1”, “new_iheart_podcast”: “1”, “tidal_version”: “2.0”, “service_version”: “1.0”, “security”: “https/2.0”, “security_version”: “2.0” }

This is a very old model, I also have no board on hand… I can try to check the code directly and make a firmware without test for you to upgrade. If this is acceptable, please send me a mail

with new firmware work OK !!!

I have the same issue with my New S10, no Beta software just newest full launch.

When remote switches system back on after the sleep function, it connects to Wi-Fi but it won’t connect to the Apps (I have several devices with the App on) and I have to power off/on to get working. It’s also the same with a wired connection

please send me a mail, and get the information with this API

since the sleep timer function has been removed from the new App, its no longer a problem because you cant put it to sleep. So I power on/off via remote and it works perfectly.

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You can still find it in the … menu in now playing page :slight_smile:

Works perfectly now after the Official Upgrade; keep up the great work.
this is like the Raspberry Pi of Audio Devices.