connecting Up2Stream Mini V3 by usb to amp with usb cambridge audio CXA81


Up2Stream Mini V3

I have an integrated amplifier with a dac (cambridge audio CXA81) that has USB in that I can use to connect my second phone and stream yo it music from the spotify on my other phone.

is it possible to use the board and connect it to usb on my amp and stream music from my phone to it?


As far as Iā€™m aware the USB on the mini is a input only, you would need to connect the output from the mini (line level or S/PDIF) to your CXA81. You can then wifi, Bluetooth or Airplay from your phone music source.

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Thanks for the info.
another question, can I control the volume level on spotify connect from the app when connected with S/PDIF?

Hi Alon,
Yes the gain control on the app controls the line level, the S/PDIF and the I2s outputs volume.

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