Chromecast and B50

Hello. I tried to use the Google Cromecast (I tried both Generation 1 and 2 chromecasts) as HDMI input, but it doesn’t work, there’s no sound at all (even changing the mode to “stereo only” in the Chromecast audio settings).

Any idea why this doesn’t work? You can use the Chromecast on an ARC HDMI port (plenty of literature on that on the internet).


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I just bought a B50 last week for the purpose of streaming music to a pair of speakers via Chromecast through the HDMI ARC. Mine doesn’t work either.

Anyone have a solution? Do you think the firmware update would fix this?


Same problem here, with Chromecast gen3. Did anyone find a solution for this?

This would be a non issue if they would just add chromecast support to their products. It’s a much more robust whole home system than Amazon’s and supported from almost every streaming app on top of being able to mirror from your phone.

But no. You shouldn’t have to waste your hdmi port on a chromecast. Bug them to add support. Or just say screw them and get a Wiim Pro. I just returned one of their preamps and am manually changing inputs on my old JBL Authentics using a CCA until I figure out how I want to simplify the setup. Won’t be using any Arylic products until they build in chromecast support.

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I also see it that way, Chromcast is necessary and has to be integrated in all devices - otherwise it will become a no-by criterion for arylic.