Chinese radio ad playing on Tune In & Internet Radio on 4Stream

Recently, there is a Chinese radio ad that plays whenever I start TuneIn and Internet Radio on the 4Stream app. Anybody experiencing something similar? If so, how do I remove the ad?

This should be coming from the radio service, the device can’t help. Could consider to seek help from TuneIn.

Also on Sonos on Tunein play add,i think is from tunein service.

Btw,on another forum with one member we find what was problem from streaming from Kodi server,if there a emty space in the name between words all linkplay device just skips the songs to the end of folder and nothing play,if they don’t have space in the name play ok,do you think in some future update this can be fix?Thanks.

Linkplay now has little resource on A31 module, I’m afraid no…

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Let me try to figure out more. Oddly enough, it only happens in the mornings. It doesn’t happen any other time when I’m playing either TuneIn or Internet Radio.

I didn’t realize when but i was surprised when starting to play some ebay commercial for auto parts on English language and i was play Macedonian local radio station and after commercial start to play my station and a figure out that is from Tunein service.

It happens with vtuner (in 4stream) too. Same exact ad. Mine was an ad in Mandarin when I was on a radio station in English and I’m very certain the station doesn’t play any Mandarin ads.