Change source on UP2STREAM PRO AMP to "line in" (AUX)


I’m searching for a method to automatically switch the audio source, for example, through GPIO, to AUX(line in). I wanted to ask if it’s possible to achieve this using GPIO pins. I’ve gone through the documentation and found information about switching between sources like WiFi, Bluetooth, and AUX, but I didn’t come across an option specifically for setting it to AUX (line in). Is it possible to reconfigure GPIO pins using the ACPWorkbench tool?

In my setup, I’m transmitting audio from the radio to the AUX port, and I have a relay that can activate when there’s audio. I’m looking for a solution that can automatically set the correct source without relying on the 4stream mobile app.

I am aware that we can set a specific source through the API (over HTTP), but I’m looking for a more automated approach, achievable using the relay from my radio source and the appropriate pins on the Upstream AMP.

Hi, you could try to use the LINE-IN detect PIN, but you need to break the board a bit.
You could disconnect the AUX connector’s detecting PIN, it just short to GND for plugged in, and open for plugged out. And the system will switch to LINE-IN when detected plug in, and switch back when detected plug out. So basically, you could use this PIN for your purpose.