Case of Up2stream + SPDIF board

Hi folks
Looking to purchase Up2stream v3 with SPDIF-out board. Looks like this is a more preferable option for pairing with an amp that has DAC inside (PM6005). Anyway…

And I look also to buy the classic Case of Up2stream suggested by Arylic. To get all components at a time.

So I wonder if Up2stream v3 with SPDIF board will fit into Up2stream Case “out-of-the-box” or I will have to do some adjustment (or buy an other case)?

Thx in advance


Welcome to the forum. It’s a very supportive and positive space :slight_smile:

I have no experience with this Case from Arylic but if you are patient I am sure the collective support of the Forum will come up with some good advice & solutions for your Application.

Kind Regards, Kevin

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I just ordered an Up2Stream Pro v3 with a case. As I look, since the spdif module is a separate panel that can be attached to a surface with two screws on the connector side (so it doesn’t fit on the main board, it connects to it via a cable) and the Arylic case is just two plexiglass sheets with screw spacers, so this case won’t keep the spdif module fixed (if I think so) …


Hi @zitev

Can you post some photos ?

Regards, Kevin

I haven’t received the device yet (only the plexiglass sheet has arrived) and I haven’t asked for a spdif module either (in principle, the spdif is routed out of the bus connector, even without a separate panel). It can already be seen that the “housing” is actually a very simple structure, practically a plexiglass sheet at the bottom and top, fitted with four copper screw spacers. As soon as it arrives, i will try to send some photos (but it can also find a lot of pictures of this type on the net.)

the stuff came today, here are some photos:


Thanks @zitev. I hadn’t realised that Arylic were supplying cases. What are your initial thoughts ?

Regards, Kevin

First round: this is my third Arylic device (i have also an S50 Pro, and an Up2strem Amp 2.0), perhaps the best value for money model from them. Positive: takes up little space, stable connection via wifi (including multiroom), DIY expandable on request. Negative: “board model”, no standard RCA (balanced XLR anyway), obviously not intended for audiophile music listening.
There is an interesting forum with some Arylic device measurements:

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Zitev, Thanks for posting the links, will look in more detail in the coming days.

I also think that the PRO board is clearly the best Value For Money board and I am happy to apply this as best practice for Powered Speakers or Power Amp + Passive Speakers behind for the Price Range :slight_smile:

I consider balanced XLR to be in the next price bracket

…by the way, i think these cheap devices also have their advantages, but unfortunately the real sound experience has to be found in the more expensive systems, the big problem with the A50 (and the Up2strem Amps) is the cheap and poor quality D-class amplifier IC (and switching power supply), and the output of the S50 is 44.1kHz resampling.

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Totally agree. I would not use the Arylic DIY Amplifier for my Lounge, House etc. However the PreAmp Products e.g. PRO works with my existing Equipment and sounds great for the money :slight_smile:

I think the Plate Amp solution is very innovative and encourages Upcycling old passive Speakers - Great Idea.