cascade 2.1 amp with v4 amp?

I’m currently working on a revision to my 2.1 soundbar. The current driver alignment is 2- 8 ohm 6 1/2 woofers in parallel for a 4 ohm load crossed over to act as subs on the mono channel. Each driver is in their own partition tuned around 60 hertz. The stereo left and right are also each in there own partition and consist of a 5.25 mid driver and a 3/4 poly dome tweeter. Each use a passive crossover network to split mids and highs to the respective driver.
For the new build I started pricing out parts and realized my passive crossover network will cost more than a 2nd amp. So i started thinking why not use the 2nd amp, acp workbench and its digital crossovers. By adding the additional amp I could run lower ohm drivers for more power and the additional amp would provide the extra crossovers. so the configuration would be

2.1 amp set up as left ch
mono ch eq- low pass for subwoofers. I would use dual 4 ohm 6.5 drivers parallel and coupled in a single updated partition of the box hopefully achieving better low end response due to coupling of drivers and more power
left ch eq- would use as crossover and output to left ch 4 ohm 5.25 mid driver
right ch eq- would use as crossover and output to left ch 4 ohm 1 1/4 tweeter

v4 amp configured stereo set up as right ch
left ch eq-would use as crossover and output to right ch 4 ohm 5.25 mid driver
right ch eq- would use as crossover and output to right ch 4 ohm 1 1/4 tweeter

i think i can make all this work based on my experience with the 2.1 amp and acp workbench what i want to know is how to cascade the two amps together where the 2.1 is the master and the v4 is the slave. Im assuming it is done through the ph2 connectors using i2s? i see this is possible with receiver boards but now that i look more closely it doesnt look like the amps have this connector. Could i somehow do this through the spdif extension board. Is this possible to incorporate these amps like this without using the 4-stream app to assign left right. I only want the app to recognize a single device as this will be a single stereo soundbar type box. Can this be configured through acp workbench or would i have to assign the v4 amp as the right ch in the app.

After looking at the manual for the v4 amp it has a lot more connectivity options than the 2.1 amp. Perhaps that would need to be the master and the 2.1 the slave. Looks like it would still need to be connected through spdif.

Great idea for digital crossover :slight_smile: .

For hardware connection, you can configure SPDIF of AMP2.1 as output, and connect GND and SPDIF to AMP4, and plug out the wifi module of AMP4 as it’s not used anymore, and change input mode to SPDIF IN, so it should work as you expected.

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