Can't update Amp 2.1 / Flaky Bluetooth

I just saw that there is a new firmware upgrade – great! I have a v3 Amp and an Amp 2.1. I was able to update the v3 Amp throught the 4Stream Android App, but when I try to do the same with my Amp 2.1 nothing happens. Its set to Wifi-Mode, it’s connected to the router, it has an IP-address, but tapping the Firmware button in the App just doesn’t cause any action.

I also noticed before that my Amp 2.1 has a very flaky Bluetooth connection. Could this be related? I’m testing with my cellphone very close to the amp (< 2m) and the Wifi router also being less than 2m away. Is there any way I can get debug logs from the device? Thanks for any help! :slight_smile:

Hi, the device will upgrade automatically in background with silence. Please check the version on app for your AMP2.1, if the version is 4.6.328252.x, then it should have be upgraded.
Btw, for the not stable bluetooth connection, it most likely be signal issue, can check the antenna path and see if any conductive plate beside.

Thank you for your reply! I was able to update the Firmware via the HTTP API. The device did not find the new Firmware version alone, I had to call the endpoints to check for it and flash it.

Regarding the Bluetooth connection: There is nothing in between my Smartphone and the Antenna. It is a 2m direct air connection (the Antenna is positioned so that it is hanging off a wooden shelf and I am standing in front of the shelf). When I play a sound, it plays for approx. 1 second, then playback aborts, my phone disconnects, 4 seconds later it’s reconnected, plays the sound for approx. 1 second, … I would like to verify if something is wrong with the Bluetooth hardware, is there any option to do so? Thanks!

PS: Somewhat unrelated – can I set the crossover frequency to 0Hz or disable crossover altogether when not using the Subwoofer channel?

OK, for the bluetooth, if it’s fine when you place the phone close to the board, then must be signal problem, please take a picture for the 2.1 board and I can check if anything wrong.

for the crossover or EQ on AMP2.1, you need the ACPWorkbench to adjust.