Can't browse My Music

Just installed 4STREAM for the first time on my Samsung S7. It streams Pandora to my two $39 units (kits) just fine.

If I click on My Music, I see 2 folders, and then the app locks up. I figured it was trying to browse the ~2,000 MP3s on my phone, but after a couple hours, it’s still locked. I have to kill the app and start again. (but now the app locks up whenever i click on MyMusic. It no longer displays the other 2 folders). I uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled, but get the same results.

I perused the forum and didn’t find any solutions.

Also - is there a 4STREAM alternative I can try?



Hi @tffoster the app crashed for me when it found a malfunctioning DLNA server on the LAN (e.g. there is a file system error on the server). Try to look around in your own shares, find out what can cause this malfunction. 4Stream also reads the My Music folder very slowly for me, alternatives that work on the same basis (e.g. audiocast, iEast, etc. - search for “LinkPlay” on Google Play for more alternative apps) are much faster. A good bridging solution e.g. BubbleUPnP, which can stream to almost all streaming devices.

Thanks, Zitev! The Airplay app works perfectly!

Now I have to try and find ways to do this from my PC w/o an Android emulator…


@tffoster Great! Check the Wiim too, it’s also good!.
they are all based on the same controls, only the skin and manufacturer-specific functions (e.g. EQ) and the number of external streaming services differ.