Can not pair and connect any new phones to Bluetooth on my B50

I am not able to pair and connect more phones to the B50. Connected two phones when I got it, and they work but when I try to pair other phones now I just get an error message “can’t connect”. Just to be clear, I am not talking about connecting phones at the same time, but be able to used more phones with the B50. have tried 5 different phones of different brands, Motorola, OnePlus and Nokia. None will pair and connect. I have also tried to connect those phones to other Bluetooth devices and it works fine. What could be wrong? I updated the fiirmware but that didn’t help either.


Before you want to connect to B50, does the blue LED blinking fast? which means the device is in pairing mode. If not, you need to trigger it with pressing the button once on rear side.

And one more point, the Android system will list all BLE device and Bluetooth Audio device in the same list, could note for the icons in front. Normally the audio device is with headset or speaker icon.