Can arylic devices link with other linkplay devices?

I noticed that besides Arylic more brand like Edifier and Dayton audio also use Linkplay.

I am interested in Edifier S1000W speakers with Linkplay. Does this mean that these peakers could be integrated into my Arylic multyroom system?

Other way around, could i add an Arylic board driven subwoofer to Edifier speakers?

Technically yes, but it depends on that these products are using the latest firmware which support the new Multiroom protocol. You could check it with httpapi getStatusEx, and confirm if it contains this attribute: "wmrm_version": "4.2"

Hello Thanks for the reply.
Is there a way to figure out compatibilty without having the product in hand?
I am getting more interested in this.
I also found out that the Yamaha YAS-109 soundbar uses the LinkPlay Chipset.
How can i check compatibility without having the products on hand?
What does wmrm exacly mean? what specific question can i email the manufacturer to figure out if its compatible with arylic boards?

wmrm should mean wireless multiroom, the latest is 4.2 and won’t support to group with old verison. You could check with this point. But the big brand like Yamaha, would have different team for one product. I’m afraid that the support team would know this detail… Anyway, you might guide him to send the output of getStatusEx API if he could help.