Can an Up2Stream Mini, drive an active SubWoofer?

This is my first time I might be doing a project with a subwoofer.
I have an active subwoofer, so the amp and filter are integrated into the speaker.


  1. Would it work to drive this sub woofer with an Up2Stream Mini? Would the subwoofer be functioning as a subwoofer but now wireless?
  2. Would this work in combination with two other, also wireless (Arylic inside), stereo speakers?
  3. Are there any things I should consider before starting this project?

I think both 1 and 2 = yes. As long as the sub-woofer is active and has its own low pass filter.

I am no expert and just set up my first system, but if the preamp line dash out is a full frequency range (which I imagine that it is unless there’s a good reason for it not to be) Then you are probably good with a low pass filter and an amplified sub for sure. You might even find their software helpful to smooth out any peaks

Thanks for your comments!

I guess you refer to APC Workbench software?
Unfortunately, I can’t use it. I only have Macs.